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You want more business from brides and grooms?? 

WeddingLinks advertises your business a variety of ways... and offer marketing solution services and search engine optimization to bring you more business.

We fulfill the requirements that 2015 and 2016 marketing demands, keeping our clients in view of couples in the process of planning weddings and honeymoons.  We  offer  a wide range of services that bring your company into focus.  You are welcome to choose one, or all of our excellent Marketing Solutions & Services.

Approaching our 25th year of publishing wedding and honeymoon books, digital magazines and 20 years with web linking portals designed to bring business to the wedding, travel and hospitality industries.  We promote local and global venues and expert professional event services, hotels, and honeymoon travel  businesses.  You will find ...

SEO Services, Link Advertising  Packages, e-Magazine Packages, Social Media Experts, Writers, Graphic Designers and Mobile Friendly Website Designers.

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JR Marketing Solutions

  •  Provide extra visibility for clients with links in  WeddingLinksBlog and in her "Becoming Engaged e-Newsletter".
  •  Send each advertiser a "Marketing Solutions e-Newsletter, with marketing trends and links to the
  •  Connect you with recommended contractors to assist with SEO, Social Media Services, Office and Mailing.  
  •  Choose your style of marketing - do web links only, magazine advertising - search engine optimization or  all in one complete package ...

                                  &  Are Mobile Friendly !

  • We link clients locally and  globally in these web portals. This allows the advertiser to EXPAND their marketing area. 
  • We provide a strong Search Engine Optimization service for individual businesses in their local markets.

        We Are Selective Regarding The Businesses We Provide For Couples In The Process of Planning Their Celebration.

While other companies let anyone add their business links to their directories, we seek to interview and accept businesses that have experience and worked to achieve successful, well-run events, weddings and honeymoons.

Our Web Portals Are Cross Linked as Partner Websites & have Mobile Access
Publishers of... The "Best Style" e-Magazines For California With Graphic Advertising Space for Venues & Services.
The digital magazine gives out yearly AWARDS to the wedding and events industry.

 Why digital - Magazines? They are being downloaded at over 2 million copies a week - expected to double in 2015  

Brides are well known for purchasing over $100 in magazines while planning their wedding.  We will be where she is, on her phone, I-Pad and PC with the magazines. 

Please take a moment and preview our digital magazine ...

  "Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" 

Contains personal stories from couples, featured category wedding articles,  unique trends and styles in the industry, Focused on California, couples find exciting California destination wedding venues from affordable to luxury with local wedding services. 

Ten different sections provide quick access to the digital magazine advertising in Sacramento, Chico, the Pacific west coast & wine country areas with San Francisco and the Bay Area, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Tahoe, Sierra Foothills to Fresno and San Bernardino to Los Angeles and San Diego 

The information in an easily navigated from the "Table of Contents" to find planning information in all areas of the state. Businesses love the fact their ad/article links directly to their website. 

Contact Us above or Call for our brochure and request a Sample Best Style e-magazine be sent to your e-mail...  this provides pricing and layout space.


J.R. Publications, Inc. brings traffic from several of our "Partner Websites" and gives extensive Mobile access to the advertiser's marketing visibility. 

TILE ADS and LINKS are welcome on the following websites: mobile friendly  mobile friendly (business & social planning in California)


We name and link clients in our first page Google BLOGS

JR's Search Engine Optimization mobile friendly

        allows Brides to shop local, and businesses be local or global in their marketing couples.

WeddingLinks Provides Free and Easy Access To The Area's Resources: The user enters and opens the Search Area they choose to find wedding venues and expert services.  The pull down menus goes to a complete shopping area (MALL) for their chosen region.  Or the user may type in the Google or Search Engine Cursor:, or venues.  Ideas, blogs, videos and a great deal of help with popular destinations throughout the world for their wedding or honeymoon.

The user will find: questions to interview wedding services, designer wedding dresses, bridal shows, bridal shops and wedding planning experts in their area.  They will be able to find thousands of wedding venues with the number of guests and city given along with the direct link.

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